Sep 26, 2010

Raya 2010

Ini la anak aku yg kecil skali..
Aku 'n' Hubby

Aku 'n' Hero2 Aku...Qayyum dan Qayyim
Aku,Hubby n Qurratul

Sep 16, 2010

Bagus utk Anak-anak Kita....

Mommy I'm Here Child Locator (Twin Pack Promotion)

Mommy I'm Here Child Locator (Twin Pack Promotion)

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Have you ever been on a shopping trip with your child, and you take a look at an item for just a second, then look back to see that your child has vanished? One second he's under your feet, the next, he is gone.
"Mommy I'm Here" is a breakthrough in technology offering parents peace of mind. Reliable and very easy to use, simply attach the teddy bear receiver to your child's shoe or belt. If you lose sight of your child, press the keychain transmitter and the teddy bear will chirp, alerting you of your child's whereabouts while at the same time drawing attention to the situation your child may be in.
The teddy bear receiver delivers a loud 86db intermittent chirp/beeping sound that functions from over 150 feet away from the keychain transmitter.
Available in pink or brown.
Teddy Bear is 2 5/8"L x 1 1/2"W.
Keychain transmitter is 2 1/4". Both units are water and shock resistant, with long life batteries already installed and bundled with Velcro strap.

How To Operate:
Simply attach the Mommy I’m Here stylish, teddy bear receiver to your child’s shoe, using the laces or Velcro straps (as this is the most convenient and sturdy mounting point). Mounting using the child’s belt is also recommended. Attach the wireless transmitter to your key chain ring or simply place in your pocket. Switch on the teddy bear receiver. You will notice that a red light will illuminate on the teddy bears tummy. At this point the transmitter and receiver establish their own proprietary frequency. Push the button on your wireless transmitter once to arm the bear receiver. You will hear a few faint beeps. Now the unit is armed and ready for use. It is just that simple! If your child becomes lost or decides to play hide and seek without asking, simply press the button on your transmitter and the little teddy bear will omit a series of loud decibel beeps, allowing you to not only track down your child, but also draw attention to the situation your child may be facing!


Dua hari sebelum raya,my hubby ada belikan coklat utk aku..Maklum la wife dia nie suka sgt mkn coklat..Ape lg,suka la aku dpt coklat tue..Siap ada website lg...Aku try search dlm internet..Rupa-rupanya org Perlis yg wat coklat tue..Sedap gak coklat tue..Bgs org muda2 skrg wat bisnes....Thanks my hubby 4 the chocolate...

My 3 " Q "s

 Qayyum Absyar,Qayyim Amsyar,Qurratul Aini

Nie la pic anak-anak aku yg terbaru...3 org semuanya..Montel pun ada,kurus pun ada..Heheh..Nie gambar raya thn nie...Abah dia yg ambik pagi raya...