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Jan 20, 2015

Jom Join Harumanis Adventure Trail Run 2015 di Perlis

Harumanis Adventure Trail Run 2015 bakal diadakan pada 26 April 2015 bertempat di Sg.Bt. Pahat,Perlis dan ianya dianjurkan serta disokong oleh kerajaan negeri Perlis,Kementerian Belia dan Sukan Negeri Perlis,Jabatan Pertanian Perlis dan agensi-agensi lain.

Larian sejauh 10km ini membolehkan peserta meneroka dan mendapat pengalaman baru sepanjang larian dimana peserta dikehendaki berlari di sepanjang Sungai Batu Pahat,Perlis,sawah padi,hutan sehingga  ke ladang mangga Harumanis di Perlis.
Detail Event
  This HARUMANIS ADVENTURE TRAIL RUN 2015 is 1 day running event. The total distance will be not less than 10KM and it will take about 1 – 2 hours nonstop running. 4 tasks will be allocated along the running route and participants must finish the task before they can proceed to next tasks.
1.2.       For this first HARUMANIS ADVENTURE TRAIL RUN 2015, we will have 2 categories; open and veteran. Open are for 18 years old to 44 years old runner and veteran are for 45 years old and above. The route and tasks for all categories are the same.

 1.3.       Entrance fees for Open category are RM150.00 and Veteran is RM120.00. All participants are entitle to get 1 x running bib, 1 x light breakfast meal, 1 x lunch meal (pack food), running number and a participation certificate. For those who manage to finish the run will get Finisher Medal.

 1.4.       Participants are counted as 1 team consist of 1 x man & 1 x woman (mix team), 1 x man & 1 x man or 1 x woman & 1 x woman in the same category age. Participants are not allowed to have 2 categories age as 1 team (eg: Your age is 25 years old & you must have a partner (male or female) age under 44 years old to participate in Open Category)

 1.5.       Runner from ranking number 1 to 3 will get the winning bib where will be giving at the finishing line. Prize money will give to winner till team ranking number 5 for both categories while the ranking medal will give to winner till runner ranking number 7. And again, for those who manage to finish the run will get Finisher Medal.

1.6.       Flag-off for both categories will start simultaneously.

1.7.       Water stations and portable toilets will be placed along the running route during the event day. The water station and portable toilets spot will decide later.

 1.8.       For the safety and security measure, the enforcement personnel will be placed scattered the event area and ambulances will be on standby during the event.

 1.9.       Event marshals will be located along the running route and at the 4 x tasks spots that will be decide soon. All this marshals will mark-down the runners’ number and locate them during the running to avoid any cheating, while the tasks marshals will assist the participants doing their task.

 1.10.   The run cut-off time is at 1.00pm.

 1.12.   All winners from all categories will be celebrated in the prize giving ceremony at estimated time 12.00pm.

2.      Route for this Harumanis Adventure Trail Run 2015 will be at Sungai Batu Pahat area and the route map will be upload nearer to date.

*  Sesiapa yang berminat,sila daftar di SINI
Tarikh tutup penyertaan : 26 March 2015 @ peserta mencapai 500 orang

Sebarang pertanyaan mengenai event,sila hubungi :

Email : harumanistrailrun@gmail.com

Tel     : +6012-6086033


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